Musicologie is Here!

Musicologie - Simply Delightful Music Lessons


So I’ve been teaching music for over 10 years now. Man, I love it. When I’m not performing, it’s my favorite thing to do. And for the past two years, I’ve been doing that teaching out of my own home as Kay Barker Studio. Now, my husband and I are expanding our house-run operations into something newer and bigger: Musicologie.

It’s a new location.
We live in Olde Towne East and it’s a hip place for a musician but it’s just not all that great for a music teacher. I want a place that students and parents feel comfortable in. And our new studio in Grandview is a safe, accessible location where everyone can feel at home. Plus we’ll be right up the street from Jeni’s, so you’ll know where to find me after hours. Mmm, salty caramel.

It’s a new space.
It’s awesome. It’s modern. It’ll have an amazing recording studio designed and engineered by my amazing husband, Joseph ( It has rooms for other teachers to join us and add to the repertoire of instruments we can provide lessons for. It has a lobby area where parents can relax with a cup of coffee while they wait, and where younger kids can experience different aspects of music through iPad games, littleBits sets, and other interactive toys. And it’ll have a performance room where we’ll host workshops and shows and master classes!

It’s a new concept.
Musicologie isn’t about just me; it’s about a place for other passionate and excited teachers to share their talents too. I’m so stoked to no longer by limited to teaching only voice and piano lessons. Musicologie will be a community for teachers and students who play many different instruments to cultivate their skills and love of music.

It’s a community.
The recording studio will give our students an opportunity to connect with professional musicians from the Columbus music scene. We’ll host recording workshops. We’ll have music professionals share their experiences with master classes. We’ll have shows from local and out-of-town bands.

Musicologie is going to be a hub for all aspects of music education. So head on over to the new website and check it out!